Located in Jiaxing, China with an unique geographical location close to Shanghai and Shaoxing, this factory has been operating since 2012 with a workforce of 50 talented employees, managed by our manufacturer Jenny.

Specializing in dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets, this factory ensures premium qualities and long lasting garments. With a commitment to their environmental responsibility, their HIGG certificate helps them measure and evaluate their environmental and social performance year after year.


How did you start your career in the manufacturing industry? 

I started my career back in 2008 after I graduated university. Fast forward to today, I run my own business and produce everything from sweaters to trousers, skirts, dresses etc.

What is the most challenging thing about running your own business?

To make sure that the business is running well and forecasting risk.   

What are you the most passionate about in your work?

The most exciting thing about my work is seeing the production from start to finish. Also, to connect and meet different people from all over the world.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

I used to sing a lot back when I was a teenager. Still to this day, I have some fans that are always encouraging me to take part in a singing contest.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

Traveling, watching movies or hanging out with my family or friends.

What is your proudest achievement outside of your career?

My two children.